Earlier this summer, in her key note speech to the LNG Industry , Premier Clark stated that LNG production would be the biggest contribution we ever have as a province to reducing greenhouse gas emissions around the globe, by powering up the economies of Asia and helping them move to the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet, to move away from dirtier fuels and clean up the air in Asia as well as here.

This week with the announcement of our new LNG guidelines British Columbians were told that, “Having the world’s cleanest LNG facilities means protecting the air and water in B.C., which is why Premier Christy Clark made this a priority for the (environment) minister’s mandate and why meeting this commitment today is so important.”

Pretty impressive, unfortunately from what I read elsewhere as five new LNG facilities come on board, BC will inject another seventy three millions tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That equates to an additional 15.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person in B.C. Now consider this, if you drive 20,000 kilometers per year your car spews about 3.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Even if you are riding your bike, walking more, or just bought a new car with awesome fuel efficiency to lessen your impact on the environment, Christy and Mary just increased your carbon footprint by 50%, ouch!

Here’s what BC’s Environment Minister Polak had to say about the new LNG guidelines, and here are the opinions of a number of critics of the announcement.

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