The climate change issue is very complex. First Things First Okanagan recently sponsored UBC professor Simon Donner to speak to the issue at the Penticton Library. Simon gave overwhelming evidence that climate change is real, happening now and caused by humans. Many people feel overwhelmed and repeated ask WHAT CAN WE DO? We as volunteers do not have all the answers. First Things First Okanagan encourages you to become active, engage, learn more, demand that Canada model better outcomes. Change will only come if and when people like you do something. It is up to US, the human race, individually and collectively to find ways to change the path of destruction we seem to have embraced. We have a responsibility as global citizens to care for the earth.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do:

  • Vote- to influence the direction of local and federal decisions
  • Write politicians and demand that Canada commits to the Copenhagen Accord. Take action at the Paris summit. We, as a country need to do better
  • Create study groups, become educated and talk to others
  • Support organisations you believe in: Lead Now, Dogwood Initiative, Suzuki Foundation are just some groups interested in Environmental protection
  • Plant trees, compost and garden to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Support alternative sustainable energy systems: some countries subsidize solar and wind initiatives
  • Protect our environment: Protest when air and or water quality is jeopardised
  • Use your voice and or $$ to influence decisions
  • Live your life a little differently. Be creative
  • Google: How to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Check our website:

Katherine Tomczuk – member of the FTF Board

March 21, 2015

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