Library Displays

On February 13, a display on renewable energy will begin at Summerland library that will run until February 21. The display will consist of two posters illustrating renewable energy installations in the Okanagan and renewable energy use around the world. Backing up the posters is a selection of library books on renewable energy that can be borrowed (check out our Resources page for more information on book selection). Implementation of renewable energy is one of the solutions to bring our greenhouse gas emissions down and prevent global warming from exceeding 20C. Renewable energy is growing rapidly all over the world but particularly in the United States and China.

This is the second of a series of library displays on aspects of climate change that First Things First is arranging at Okanagan libraries (the first was at West Kelowna library in January, as seen above). The third display will be at Okanagan Falls library in March (climate change and food) and the fourth at Penticton library in April (climate change and water).

The Penticton library display will also include two talks at noon on April 6 (climate change and water conservation in the Okanagan) and April 20 (climate change and global water supply). First Things First has arranged but not yet scheduled a display at the Oliver library.

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