How the State of Texas came to be the number one producer of wind energy in the United States.

This book is a truly interesting compilation of stories of the early ranchers and how they managed to bring power to their homes through ingenuity and sheer determination. “Of course it helps to be a good mechanic… All it takes is a lot of stubbornness and a lack of money.”

From the days of the early settlers come tales of how they used prototypical windmills to pump water for their farms and how those windmills became part of ranching life before the power grids reached the remote homesteads of the Texas Panhandle.

Texans’ history and experience served them well as energy needs shifted from early survival to more modern, environmentally friendly sources than oil, we are told of the tinkerers and engineers who believed that the legendary winds of the area could serve as an ongoing source of clean, renewable energy. The authors relate the trials of these inventors whose efforts reminded me of the misadventures of the early space programs, as windmills self destructed from overwhelming winds demolishing the under-engineered early technology.

Whether you are an engineer, tinkerer, environmentalist or enviroskeptic you’ll want to read this book.

Read the book..The Great Texas Wind Rush by Galbraith and Price, University of Texas Press

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