Penticton Climate Action Advisory Committee

Did you know that the City Of Penticton has a Climate Action Advisory Committee?

According to their Terms of Reference the Committee’s mandate is to make recommendations to Council on all matters referred to the Committee, including:
 The City of Penticton Corporate and Community Climate Action Plan;
 Fostering public awareness, recognition and support for a healthy and
sustainable natural environment;
 Providing Recommendations on specific environmental, planning, building
construction, and waste management goals, policies and bylaws;
 Providing input on submissions to other levels of Government in relation to
environmental issues;

 Recommending changes to operational protocols that would make the City
more sustainable.
 Making suggestions to help the City achieve carbon neutrality and its climate
action obligations under provincial legislation.
 Implementation of the City’s Corporate and Climate Action Planning work.
 Making recommendations to help the City adapt to Climate Change.

For more information on this group you can go to:

First Things First Okanagan – Discussions On Climate Change

First Things First Okanagan is in the process of finalizing details for a visit by Simon Donner to Penticton on the weekend of March 6th. Simon is  the founder of Maribo and an  Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia whose research focuses on why the climate matters to ecosystems and society.

We expect Simon to cover a number of issues related to climate change, including the basic science, oceans, sea-level rise and international policy and adaptation challenges (especially in the developing world). This will be a great opportunity for Okanagan residents to better understand the urgent need to act on environmental issues and ask questions of an internationally recognized climatologist.

Please pencil in the date and you can read more of the work of Simon and his fellow researchers here.