First Things First Okanagan wants to talk about B.C.’s exported carbon footprint, not what we mine at home, but what we sell to power plants overseas and the real impact on environmental carbon dioxide; to contextualize the conversation so to speak.

Yesterday the Pembina Insititute panned Christy Clarks recent claims that our LNG will help Asian economies move away from dirtier fuels and clean up the air in Asia as well as here. “Without stronger policies that limit carbon, the study finds demand for coal, oil and natural gas continues to increase, pushing the world toward dangerous climate change.”

First Things First Okanagan would like to see a consistent and environmentally meaningful energy policy for B.C. Todays BC Liberal Party is claiming to clean up the environment with the addition of 5 new LNG facilities. Yet with last years approval of  Line Creek Phase II extension of mining operations in the Kootenays, one might mistakenly believe that the Liberal strategy is to unload to Asia, whatever carbon we can get out of the ground.

The Pembina Institute talks about the lack of policy and what is needed to effect global change at

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