2050: Degrees of Change

I highly recommend listening to the CBC podcast 2050: Degrees of Change. In this podcast CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe explores the impact of climate change in the next few decades on the residents of British Columbia and the adaptations that they will have to make.  The podcast is presented in six 21 to 33 minute episodes: B.C. in the Fifties, Snow and Water, Agriculture, Cities, Fire and Forests, and the Global Village. Each episode begins in a dramatic fashion with a Siri-like voice instructing a young girl in 2050 how to prepare for the current conditions of the day – activities that we would expect to be normal but are now affected by climate change. Johanna then interviews leading researchers who are studying the impacts that will cause these changes to the child’s life. These are researchers who are based in British Columbia and work on the conditions that are affecting the province. Johann also talks to farmers who will be hit by increased drought, heat and flooding and civil engineers who man the dykes as sea level rises. In the final episode she interviews James Hanson, who is regarded as the scientist who brought the issue of global warming to the public, and Gwyn Dyer, war historian. The interview with Gwyn Dyer is especially grim; he warns of violence, war and a vast migration of refugees as a consequence of climate change. This podcast provides substantive motivation to act and prevent the worse – if we can act in time.

Author: Harvey Quamme.

Click here to listen to 2050: Degrees of Change


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