Draft Letter

Draft letter to Politicians

 Ÿ Begin your letter by stating as clearly as possible your central concern:


Dear Sir or Madame

In light of the most recent report from the United Nation’s “International Panel On Climate Change” (IPCC) and the increasingly urgent concerns being expressed by the scientific community that global warming is the most serious issue facing this and future generations, I am writing to express my deep concern about what appears to be the dismissive attitude the Canadian government is taking on this matter.

Support your concern with specifics:

In my opinion it was damaging to Canada’s effort to prevent the predicted increase in human induced temperature rise when the current government reneged on the Kyoto Accord.  The failure to live up to that important signed international agreement has also undermined Canada’s reputation.  However, even more distressing is to find that the Conservative Government of Canada is placing itself in the position of not even meeting the reduced carbon emission targets they themselves negotiated under the 2009 Copenhagen Accord.  This is a shameful abrogation of responsibility to Canadians and the people of the world.

Bring the matter of climate change to your own door. 

My family has lived in Penticton since the 1980s.  We have an adequate income which provides a home and, through our taxes, supports a safe community. We now better understand that our security, because it rests almost wholly on the consumption of finite fossil fuels, is disturbing the earth’s natural balance and will ultimately undermine our quality of life and the world‘s economy.  I am concerned for my family, friends and future generations. It is clear to me that we must change our ways and adjust to a new economy based on renewable energy. Your government, through it‘s actions and words, is saying that we have only two choices:  either  jobs in a booming carbon based economy or  social hardship in an economy built on alternate renewable energy options.  This is not only a frighteningly short term view, it is also false dichotomy.  Other countries, including Norway, Finland, Germany, even China, are taking a more optimistic and progressive approach,  looking to a cleaner future by investing massively in renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geo­-thermal.  And there are family supporting jobs in whatever type of energy sources we choose!  Change starts with the will to change and I want our government to show the will to move Canada, as rapidly as possible, to an economy based on renewable energy.

 End with a request for a response to your letter or to specific questions you pose.  Straight forward questions generally elicit a clearer response

These are my questions to you, my elected representative.  I want to know:

Ÿ   Do you personally accept the majority view of the scientific community that climate change is real and requires increased government action?

Ÿ  What specifically have you done to raise this matter with the government you support?

Ÿ  Will you be discussing this serious matter in your future constituent newsletters?

Ÿ  Will you commit to holding a town-hall  meeting in the near future to discuss this important issue with your constituents?


I look forward to your response.




In a personal letter your voice becomes unique and important.  Few of us pigeonhole our elected members but those that do can achieve results.