Act I: The Adaptation Spell

The Inaugural Fred Ritchie Lecture- How to Keep Global Warming below 2C

When: Friday October 19th, 2018
Time: 7:30pm, doors open at 7:00pm
Where: Shatford Centre, 760 Main St, Penticton BC
Admission by donation

In her lecture she will briefly describe climate changes that are happening globally and in Canada, identify the causes for these changes and outline what can be expected if climate change is left to proceed unchecked. She will then discuss the benefits of limiting global warming to the limits adopted by the Paris Agreement (1.5 and 2 degree Celsius) and what measures are needed to meet these targets.

Kirsten Zickfeld is Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Department of Geography. She was selected as one of 86 experts worldwide (one of two from Canada) to serve as Lead Author for the IPCC Special Report on the 1.5 degree climate target. Her research focuses on the effects of manmade emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols on climate in the short and long run. The goal is to better understand how the release of these emissions interacts with the atmosphere, ocean, land and ice surface, and biosphere in order to more accurately prediction the future. To achieve this objective, she uses climate models of different complexity, from simple conceptual models to complex whole Earth System models.