March For Climate Solutions November 29 Ottawa

March For Climate Solutions November 29 Ottawa

There is a growing consensus that we must get to a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 in order to stop the worst impacts of climate change. But what does this mean for Canada and how do we get there?

Clean, renewable energy creates electricity using natural systems such as the wind, sun, and water – harnessing that energy to power cars, heat homes, and sustain communities without harmful GHGs.

Canada has been caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to transitioning off fossil fuels. Not only have we built communities that are dependant on these fuels for energy – part of our economy and many jobs rely on the industry.

But there is more then just hope that we can change – there is proof. Cities, states, companies, and countries all over the world are increasing their supply of clean energy and phasing out coal and oil, faster than you can imagine. They are building clean energy infrastructure, creating jobs, and reducing their dependency on fossil fuels.

It is no longer technology that stands in our way. That’s why we call on Canada’s federal government to take the following actions to get us to a 100% clean economy by 2050.


1:00 PM / Ottawa / City Hall

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